Welcome To Élevage de Volailles

Élevage de Volailles is our small family farm in Loudon Centre, New Hampshire dedicated to the genetic preservation of our endangered, traditional, and culturally important domesticates. With the politicizing and commercialization of food too many domesticates that once graced our farms and tables find themselves facing extinction or genetic alterations that will forever change the future landscape of how we farm and ultimately eat. Not only is our goal in preserving domesticates that helped and served us through history as we created our society and culture, but to preserve a future not contingent upon "better living through chemistry".

Securing our future, through preserving our past

Heron Hill Farm

Élevage de Volailles may not be what you are accustomed to in the typical farm setting. Our main goal is not in mass production of commercial livestock and poultry to create as large a customer base as possible. Our primary goal is rooted in genetic preservation and diversity for a planet that we all share, and for the generations that are to follow behind us. Our secondary goal is in providing our customers with the highest quality products we can provide. When you purchase from Élevage de Volailles, you are not just buying meat, poultry, or eggs; you are investing in the future of our agricultural environment.
The breeds and varieties that we have chosen to work with were not based solely upon their status of endangerment; but were also selected for their agricultural contributions, as well as their ability to once again contribute to our local food supply with the quality they once adorned the tables of what may now be considered antiquity. When working with a breed or variety, sustainability cannot be the only consideration; but also, there must be reason and purpose behind the continuation of the domesticate as each domesticate was once developed to fulfill a societal need. We have selected those domesticates that once again have the ability to re-establish themselves as a viable aspect of today's world as well as for the future.

A farm for the future, a farm for the past

Black Welsh Mountain Sheep

What we are trying to accomplish at Élevage de Volailles has no political motive or agenda. Our practices are not centered on what is en vogue, clich√©, or politically correct idiom. We are not engaged in any crusades to save the planet, fight the establishment, or take agriculture back into the dark ages. We are simply doing what we feel is correct; which is, trying to preserve our resources, our history, and our sacred traditions that have helped forge our culture and society over the past millennia. In our modern world where genetic manipulation has become normalized, we hope to preserve some of the work the master breeders before us established.
In a market dominated almost exclusively by commercial livestock and poultry for an approximate seven decades, it is far and few between those who have experienced what quality should be. For most, commercial meats and poultry have become normalized without other references of comparison. The commercial breeds today that dominate the markets have been developed for many reasons; flavor was not one of them, and texture has never been considered. It is our sincere hope that you will enjoy and appreciate the quality that our meat and poultry return to your family.

- Jim & Annette