Chocolate Turkeys (Dindon de Chocolat)

Chocolate Turkey

The Chocolate turkey holds many myths to its legacy, but we are able to ferret out and discern many of its secrets. We know from the master breeders of the 19th century that the Chocolat was so named by the French, and was miscategorized in England as being of the Buff and or Fawn varieties. It is evidently clear that the Chocolate was developed in France more than 400 years ago by Jusuit monks responsible for originally introducing the turkey to France in the 16th century with what would come to be known as the Dindon Noir du Gers.
As with most domesticated turkeys, the Chocolate made its way back to the American continent. The Chocolate was very popular in the eastern seaboard of the United States, especially during the Antebellum Period. The American Civil War had taken its toll on the farms of the South, its seaports, and also took its toll on the population of the Chocolate.
Once the post WWII economy established itself and the modern commercial agricultural system took hold, the Chocolate as with all traditional turkeys, days were numbered. By the turn of the last century the Chocolate was reduced to a mere handful of birds before restoration measures were undertaken. Today the Chocolate remains in critically endangered status with a breeding population of the variety less than 500 birds, and Élevage de Volailles as the only known primary breeder (minimum of 50 breeding birds).

The breeding program of the Chocolate was the first project of preservation we undertook back in 2010. After raising many of the varieties of heritage turkeys, we decided to specialize in and devote our energy on the Chocolate not only due to its population status, but most importantly due to special attributes that we found in the the Chocolate that were lacking in other varieties. As our research into this special birds history started, we quickly became aware of just how important this variety truly is, and just how important the Chocolate's genetics are today, and for the future. We are sure that once you taste the difference in quality that the Chocolate presents, you will understand why we sell out so far in advance.

What to Expect From Our Chocolate Turkey

Commercial turkeys on average are raised for 14 weeks. Their heritage couterparts are generally raised for 28 weeks. We raise the majority of our Chocolates for 11 months in order to present you with the highest quality turkey for your Thanksgiving celebration. With our turkeys being allowed to live a fuller life, you will recieve a turkey that shares a richness in flavor with a texture that is uncomparable. Expect a turkey that displays the full rich flavor of turkey without gaminess, a texure that is soft, and a proper fat ratio that all fine meats exibits which allows for a bird that retains its moisture and tenderness. We are sure that once you experience one of our Chocolate turkeys, you will join the list of our customers who apperciate how a turkey should be. Our Chocolate turkeys are differnet than their commercially raised couterparts, whether commercial or heritage varieties, and require different cooking techniques of which we are more than happy to share.

Chocolate turkeys

Ordering Our Chocolates

The majority of our turkeys are available once each year for the Thanksgiving season. Currently we do not offer turkey for the Christmas season. As with all poultry that we breed and raise at Elevage de Volailles, our turkeys are processed by us on site to ensure you recieve the highest quality that we are able to deliver. Rest assured that our turkeys recieve no hormones, antibiotics, or drugs bringing you only their unmatched natural heritage flavor.

$7.99/lb - Available 11/18/2018

We are not a factory farm, and in thus, we have a limited number of turkeys that we can raise for Thanksgiving responsibly each year. Because we are not a supermarket, we require a $35.00 non-refundable deposit for each turkey ordered. Each turkey is presented to you as a whole turkey for roasting, with neck and giblets.

Please note that each year we sell out. For the 2015 season we sold out before Columbus Day, and in the 2016 Thanksgiving season we sold out in Febuary. Before Christmas 2016 we already recieved more than two dozen deposits for our turkeys. We can only imagine that for 2018 we should be sold out early as was the case the last several years.

Before contacting us please note we do not offer hatching eggs or breeding stock